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"During my time as an eager undergraduate mathematician, I'd often wonder what it would feel like to prove a truly new result ... but Aron's theorem is now a reality, and I've got the certificate to prove it."
Jacob Aron , The New Scientist

"Pythagoras spent his life proving his, and Fermat died still trying, but for the would-be genius today, a mathematical theorem is only a mouse-click away."
Chris Watt , The Herald

Many Ideas for a special and personalized gift.

TheoryMine offers a range of different gift packages to satisfy evevryone!
You can name a theorem and have it printed on a t-shirt, mug, or mouse-mat!

Pythagora, Kepler, Einstein.. you can be the next!

TheoryMine offers personalized, newly discovered, mathematical theorems!
By naming your very own mathematical theorem, newly generated by one of the world's most advanced computerised theorem provers, you can immortalise your loved ones, teachers, friends and even yourself and your favourite pets.

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